Foam Board Insulation in Spring, TX

Foam-Board-Insulation-Spring-TXThere are many benefits to using foam board insulation over other types of insulation products in Spring, TX. R-value (i.e., insulation level) is greater in lightweight products with slim designs, like foam board insulation. Installing foam board insulation, which has a solid structure, is much easier than using batt or blown insulation since foam board insulation does not move during installation. Large areas of a building’s wall can be covered with ease and speed using a foam board insulation that is also easily cut. Additionally, the material is utilized for sealing gaps in internal insulation and for insulating against the intrusion of warm air in the external frame of a dwelling.

Why Use Rigid Foam Board Insulation

Foam board insulation with a high degree of rigidity is very effective in preventing fires. This type of insulation is especially suited for buildings that could potentially be susceptible to fire. Even though it can stand up to heat, it’s important to keep in mind that hard insulation is not a substitute for fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and other fire safety measures. It can be used in addition to insulation and added as a layer for extra R-value. Thermal bridging (when heat transfers between two points by conduction through the structure) is prevented with a plastic wrap made of insulation or foam board.


In comparison to more complex insulation options, it is easier to install foam board insulation, but homeowners should bear in mind several important aspects. In order to prevent air leakage, every crack between boards needs to be filled in. Foam board insulation must be covered with drywall for structural purposes. When working with insulating materials, it is helpful to make use of a four-inch-thick plywood wall. It’s better to pay for a specialist to handle installation of your rigid board insulation because this task will influence its efficacy.

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